Why You Must Have A Mobile Recruitment Strategy

Why You Must Have A Mobile Recruitment Strategy

Digital technologies significantly transformed today's recruitment to become easier to source top candidates and simplify the hiring process. However, the words ‘mobile recruiting’ imply more than just hiring people using the phone. It involves different practices to consider while choosing the mobile recruiting strategy. A well-operated and user-friendly mobile experience helps digital marketing or e-commerce candidates discover and apply for job positions. The mobile-friendly experience involves a spectrum of things: from job postings to the application process, considering the compulsory uploads. A mobile-first strategy is essential while considering workforce attraction from different generations ensuring top talent attraction.

Mobile recruiting is a critical attribute for companies to consider while hiring the best digital marketing and e-commerce candidates. The article will focus on the importance of mobile recruiting and explain why embracing the digital hiring process can contribute to your business's success. For more information on embracing technology for sourcing candidates, read our blog: Using Technology To Maximise Your Sourcing Capabilities


Mobile recruiting help to build a solid brand and reach more candidates online

Nowadays, candidates usually spend a lot of time researching an organization online before applying for a particular role. Mobile recruiting became a must-have strategy for digital marketing recruiters to consider while searching for active and passive candidates. Although passive candidates have a job, they investigate the company in their free time while checking the website, LinkedIn account, and other social media platforms using mobile devices. In the crowded digital marketing and e-commerce field, the website is the crucial representation for the company.

Companies need to guarantee that their website and other communication channels are mobile-optimized to create a recognizable and memorable brand and build trust. Those companies have a higher chance to attract and retain a higher volume of the top digital marketing and e-commerce talents.

Mobile recruiting and social media channels with artificial intelligence have provided e-commerce recruiters access to valuable data about the potential candidates in the early stages of hiring. The majority of recruiting apps have social media integration. This allows using analytical tools for gaining access to the talent pool. To read more about the importance of social media during recruiting, read our blog: Using Social Media To Hire Talent and Build Your Brand. 

Mobile-optimized channels create a memorable brand and build trust!

Mobile-optimized channels create a memorable brand and build trust!

Recruiters can handle the entire hiring process and connect with candidates closely

Mobile recruiting has simplified the hiring process with technology integration and improved the communication process with participants. Recruiters use various recruitment mobile apps that allow the hiring team to schedule interviews, provide required files in seconds, give feedback, speak with candidates, and work remotely. This blended with push notifications and chat apps can boost consistent communication with digital marketing applicants regardless of location.

Digital Marketing and E-commerce recruiters can communicate through mobile devices at non-critical stages of the application process to confirm the interview scheduling via text or email. However, this type of communication needs to apply only to more informal conversations to avoid misunderstanding about more serious topics such as job rejection. Video interviewing during recruiting also helps to shorten the hiring process, gather qualitative data, and decrease hiring costs. These carefully adapted strategies can embrace technology benefits and maintain flexibility for your company.


Mobile recruiting is essential for attracting multiple generations

As a recruiter, you may think about the advantages of a multi-generational workforce for your company. Developing a multi-generation workforce can create a competitive advantage for e-commerce and digital marketing recruiters. And if you are building your organization based on only one or two age demographics, you are ingraining inefficiencies in your workforce. These gaps can drive companies to inevitably place candidates in positions for which digital marketing and e-commerce talents are not ideally suited. That can cause under-performance issues and employee turnover. Although Millennial's comprise the most massive part of the workforce, Generation Z strengthens the competition in the market with junior-level e-commerce and digital marketing talents.

Since mobile has become the top choice for these generations to communicate, a smooth mobile recruitment process is vital for recruiters. The main point here is that the application process needs to be quick and straightforward. Potential candidates want to complete an application and be sure that the application is successful without turning the computer on in any application stage.

The recruiter needs to ensure an end-to-end mobile experience that allows functionality, from application to position approval. Seamless mobile experience improves candidates' overall experience and attracts passive candidates. Assure that candidates can complete an entire application using any device to draw high-volume applications and diverse talent. That allows strengthening the potential talents attraction strategy in the early stage. 

Mobile recruiting helps to attract the broad talent pool!

Mobile recruiting helps to attract the broad talent pool!

The digital marketing and e-commerce job markets are competitive and require complex practices to stand out. A mobile-first recruiting strategy is an effective way to draw a diverse talent pipeline. To read more about the importance of diversity in the workplace, read our previous blog: Diversity in the Workplace