About Us

Our Brand

Live Digital Marketing Recruitment is a specialist Digital Recruitment agency recruiting for Digital Marketing positions throughout the UK.
We successfully place candidates from Executive up to Director level, both on a permanent and contract basis within Digital Marketing.

Our Approach

We don’t just fill vacancies, we work closely with clients to fully understand their needs, culture and business goals in order to attract the perfect fit for their organisation. 
Put simply, our clients can focus on driving their business forward, with the reassurance that they have the talent they need to do so.

Friendly-intimately- familiarly- cordially- informally


We see to our clients directly and place high value in personalising every experiencethat delivers a personal touch to everyrecruiting process we undertake.


We place special efforts into ensuring every detail is taken care of and perfected to the highest standard to uphold the standardof our brand as well as your own.


We place a high priority on creating an encouragingand comfortable environment that fosters opencommunication where we can understand clientsand candidate needs, opinions, and personas.


Technologically Integrated

We use modern technologies and video solutions to operate across countriesand continents as well as increase our reachfor clientele and qualified candidates.

Our Values


We deliver top-notch, world-classcandidates that bypass the needto spend unnecessary resources on the recruiting process.


We increase the likelihood of delivering results and raise the conversion rates of candidates to skilled employees whilemitigating the risks involved.


Upholding our values and approachesallows our company to deliver the satisfyingexperience that it does and ensure thatour clients are happy with the results.

Our Philosophy

At Live Digital Marketing Recruitment, we live by a specific set of standards that guide our work ethic and attitude towards the quality of the service we provide to you.
Essentially, we always want you to be comfortable, content and reassured.


We connect our clients to our network ofskilled professionals as they travel and connect with the world.


We do all the hard work so our clients canTake the time to nurture themselves andlive a positive lifestyle.


We aim to free up the time for our clients to spend on shopping, watching movies, spending timewith family and more activities that bring them joy.


We support green initiatives, businessesand values that foster a more sustainable environment for all our futures.