Using Technology To Maximise Your Sourcing Capabilities

Using Technology To Maximise Your Sourcing Capabilities

With the ever-growing options that technology provides, knowing which ones you should be using to maximise your sourcing capabilities may be challenging. In what follows I will guide you through 4 efficient and effective ways to use technology and ultimately, improve your sourcing abilities.


Using these 4 forms of technology when recruiting candidates for a digital marketing or ecommerce role for example, would save time, money, and provide the highest quality digital marketing and ecommerce candidates.


Technology is so integrated within our lives; it would probably prove more difficult trying to avoid it than it would to take a few minutes learning the best ways to utilise it. So, continue reading and make your life easier!



Applicant tracking system

An applicant tracking system (ATS) simplifies the process of recruiting candidates by using automated intelligence. The ATS aids companies by collecting information, organising candidates by experience or skill set, and filtering applicants. At Live Digital Recruitment, this technology ensures the best and most qualified digital marketing and ecommerce candidates are selected. 


ATS technology saves companies’ and recruiters’ time by not having to manually sift through hundreds of digital marketing or ecommerce applicants for example. Technology such as ATSs also ensures higher quality candidates are sourced as the system can scan CV’s, look for specific keywords, and use other algorithms to analyse data.


APSs that allow easy application via any device without logging in are extremely beneficial to companies. This technology allows a larger pool of applicants to be considered before being automatically ranked by experience and skills.


Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies use an applicant tracking system. Using ATS technology is vital for maximising your sourcing capabilities! At Live Digital Recruitment, using this technology allows us to recruit the best digital marketing and ecommerce talent.




Hinterview is an interviewing platform built by recruiters, for recruiters. This technology utilises video interviewing software to allow digital marketing or ecommerce candidates for example, to engage more effectively in interviews. Applicants are brought to life by showcasing the individual behind the CV. 


Using technology such as Hinterview allows you to select the top candidates with ease. By sending out pre assessments through Hinterview, you can compare performance and eliminate unreliable candidates who aren't dedicated to the role. This ultimately reduces the number of CVs that require screening. 


Using technology such as Hinterview allows for a faster, superior selection process when hiring candidates. Hiring time can be cut in half by using the video interview technology that Hinterview provides! Candidates are also more engaged during the Hinterview process, reducing the chances of them dropping out. 


Without the right technology, your hiring process can become lengthy, resulting in candidate fatigue, dropouts, and ultimately, a reduction in the quality of recruited candidates. Hinterview is also fully integrated with Bullhorn, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. Recruiting candidates can now be so simple and convenient! You could stand out from other companies by offering digital marketing or ecommerce candidates an efficient selection process such as Hinterview.


Make your video interview simple, reliable, and convenient!

Make your video interview simple, reliable, and convenient!


Candidate Assessment 

Despite conducting thorough screening processes, you may still be unsure about whether a candidate is the right fit for a role. Online pre-employment testing can be used to discover the best fit for your company. Whatever your requirements are for a candidate, there will be an appropriate assessment tool to utilise on the internet. 


For example, Live Digital Recruitment may use tests that assess technical skills and communication skills when considering a candidate for a digital marketing or ecommerce role. Some other pre-employment tests can be used to measure qualities such as hard or soft skills, situational judgement, or cognitive ability. For more information on assessing candidates, check out our blog How to Set an Interview Task to Identify the Best Candidate.


Using candidate assessments streamlines the recruitment process and increases efficiency. A Lot of information can be gathered in a shorter amount of time than it would take to manually weed through masses of digital marketing or ecommerce applications. 


You can also benefit from using candidate assessments as doing so eliminates hiring bias. This unconscious bias can sometimes be a problem in recruitment. By narrowing applicants down using objective pre-employment testing, this bias can be minimised. 


Using technology such as candidate assessments allows you to source the top-quality candidates. You can see which candidates have performed the best and invite them to the next stage of the interview process. This technology also ensures your company hires the candidate who is the best overall fit.



Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing uses strategies to find, engage, and nurture candidates before they apply for a job. These strategies often involve promoting the value of working for the employer. Recruitment marketing is necessary now that the old ways of recruiting (e.g., job fairs or print advertisements) could be classed as redundant. 


Recruitment marketing uses technology such as social media, blogging, or virtual job fairs to connect with a variety of people and engage with them in exciting new ways to promote companies. By using these forms of technology to interact with individuals, a quality relationship can be built with potential digital marketing or ecommerce candidates long before job openings become available. 


This form of sourcing candidates prioritises channels that your target candidates spend their time using. A more strategic approach to recruitment is achieved by reaching more of the right type of candidates.


Using technology in recruitment marketing enables you to have an already established relationship with top quality candidates. When a job position becomes available, you’ll likely already know the perfect digital marketing or ecommerce candidate who possesses the skills and attributes to succeed in the role. Use this technology to get one step ahead of competitors!


Don't be overwhelmed with the amount of technology available. Research the most appropriate types for your requirements!

Don't be overwhelmed with the amount of technology available. Research the most appropriate types for your requirements!


Using technology to maximise your sourcing capabilities doesn't have to be overwhelming and complicated. You just have to know the right tools to use that can provide the most efficient and effective results! If you enjoyed this blog and are looking for more information on hiring the perfect candidate, check out our blog Using Social Media to Hire Talent and Build Your Brand.