Top 8 Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

Top 8 Best Digital Marketing Podcasts

Are you looking to become a better digital marketer? Learning new digital marketing skills from experts is essential to grow your business online. However, if you work all day in front of a computer screen, we understand it may not leave you with the energy or desire to read the latest digital marketing books out there.

Thankfully, there are plenty of digital marketing podcasts for you to keep learning while enjoying the outdoors! 

We selected the top 8 best podcasts that will help you enhance your skills in specific digital marketing channels including SEO, PPC and Paid Social, Content Marketing, and CRM. We also recommend general digital marketing podcasts and a podcast to keep up with all the new trends.


The Digital Marketing Podcast

Your all-round guide

The Digital Marketing Podcast gives you strategic tips and guides you through the right tools to improve your overall digital marketing. Hosted by Ciaran Rogers and Daniel Rowles, you will hear from global experts giving their best advice and reflecting on what works and what doesn’t for a digital marketing strategy. This is a canonical marketing audio resource providing a wealth of useful information! They cover very various and relevant topics so we recommend having a look through their episodes library for whatever sparks your interest.


Marketing School

For daily short tips

If your favourite learning style is little-by-little-but-consistently, consider integrating Marketing School in your daily routine. Hosted by two successful entrepreneurs, Neil Patel and Eric Siu, this is a daily 10-min-max podcast providing you with actionable marketing advice to take your business to the next level. They already have over a thousand episodes waiting for you!


Marketing O’ Clock

To stay on the edge

Marketing O’ Clock is a premier digital marketing podcast covering the latest digital marketing trends and all things SEO, PPC, and Social Media. Hosted by Greg Finn and Jessica Budde, it will help you learn about important marketing components, keep you informed about the latest news and tools available, and guide on what actions you should take regarding these new trends. We love its practical tips and analyses of the current digital marketing landscape! Search Engine Optimization Podcast

Master SEO strategy

The Search Engine Optimization Podcast is another short daily podcast that tells you everything about Search Engine Optimization. With over 400 episodes so far, your host Timothy Carter shares tips learned throughout over 20 years of online marketing. This is a valuable resource to understand SEO mechanisms, strategies, and most importantly to learn what to implement to have your business ranking on the first page.

Listening to a digital marketing podcast will help you learn tips and get new ideas to become a successful marketer while you relax from time spent at your desk!

Listening to a digital marketing podcast will help you learn tips and get new ideas to become a successful marketer while you relax from time spent at your desk!


The Cuppa Copy Podcast

Learn the best practices for Email Marketing (CRM) and Copywriting

Already an SEO master? Well done! We suggest you also focus on what keywords to use when writing a copy and how you can build stronger relationships with your customers. Hosted by Brianna Sexton, The Cuppa Copy Podcast is designed for you to enjoy a cup of your favourite drink while learning about human-centred email marketing strategies. Don’t miss these insightful tips on how to understand your customers, start a two-way conversation, show that you care, and build a strong relationship with them.


The Paid Search Podcast

Become a pro at PPC and Paid Social

Pay-per-click and Google Ads are essential components of a successful digital marketing strategy and can be of tremendous help to build your business online when used in the right way. Hosted by Google AdWords experts Chris Schaeffer and Jason Rothman, The Paid Search Podcast will help you make the most of your Paid Social budget with top tips for both Paid Social experts and beginners.


Social Media Marketing Podcast

Take your social media to the next level

With almost 10 years of weekly content, the Social Media Marketing Podcast is a must-hear marketing podcast that will keep you updated with all things social-media related. Its founder and host Michael Stelzner is joined by marketing pros giving their expert tips to help you discover new strategies to improve your marketing. In the ever-changing jungle of Social Media marketing, we recommend his discussions about latest features available and how to make the most of them.


The Content Strategy Podcast

A Content Marketing guide on how to create value for your audience

Content Marketing is a channel demanding a lot of time and creative thinking. If you need guidance or motivation, dive right into The Content Strategy Podcast. Its host Kristina Halvorson is joined by a guest to give insight into Content Marketing and share true passion for the art in every episode. Some episodes also cover Content Design and you will get valuable and actionable information helping you to direct your overall content strategy.

Podcasts are filled with expert advice from marketers who share their experience

Podcasts are filled with expert advice from marketers who share their experience


We hope these resources will help you learn more about the digital marketing channels you can focus on to expand your business! If you want to learn more about specific digital skills that will help you grow your business, have a look at The Digital Skills You Need In 2021. And don’t hesitate to reach out to if you need a digital marketing expert to help you in the process.