The Most Important Skills Digital Marketing Recruiters Look For

The Most Important Skills Digital Marketing Recruiters Look For

Most people who have worked in Digital Marketing can commend that throughout your role whether that be Intern, Strategist or Manager the skills you develop are vast and plentisome. Whilst this is excellent for personal and professional development, when the time comes to look for a new job, or to move up in your career it can be difficult to decide just which skills you should showcase on your CV and LinkedIn to catch the eyes of Digital Marketing recruiters or hiring agencies. 


In this blog, we cover all the skills Digital Marketing recruiters deem the most important! And coming from a Digital Marketing Recruitment company, we know what we’re talking about!


So keep reading, to find out which skills you should showcase to ensure your vast range of abilities are noticed by Digital Marketing recruiters, from Content Creation to Search Engine Optimisation.


Content Creation and Marketing


It is no secret that in the 21st century Content Creation and Content Marketing are one of the biggest contributors to Digital Marketing. If you’re looking to build up your Digital Marketing skills and impress recruiters and hiring agents, growing your portfolio of Content Creation and Content Marketing experience would be a great way to start. 


This isn’t to say you need to be a pro in all things content creation to impress Digital Marketing recruiters, but those with the abilities to design, plan, create and promote content, and evidence of such abilities will definitely catch the eye of the next Digital Marketing recruiter who comes their way. 


Content Creation can come in many different forms, so even knowing a few of the basics can give you a great step up in the recruitment and hiring process for your next Digital Marketing role. There are a few skills you can develop in order to improve your expertise, whether that be writing engaging blog posts on a range of topics, creating relationships with online influencers, editing content, strong knowledge of how to use social media for marketing, writing copy for ads and basic knowledge of website development can also go a long way. All of these skills displayed on your LinkedIn or CV will attract Digital Marketing recruiters. 


Social Media Advertising and PPC 


As previously mentioned, social media is a vast source of marketing opportunities, and with its rapid growth many Digital Marketing recruiters or hiring agencies look for those who are skilled when it comes to social media advertising, this can also include PPC (Pay Per Click). 


Social media advertising comes in various forms, from paid advertisements by influencers sporting a brand's latest merchandise, or sponsored posts between instagram stories. When displaying your social media advertising skills, recruiters are looking for those who have a strong understanding of the target audience and how to capture their attention. When showcasing your Social Media Advertising skills, you’re not only proving to recruiters you know how to use social media but you’re illustrating your abilities to create engaging content, and engage with customers on a massive scale through viral marketing. 


A lot of Digital Marketing recruiters also look for those who are skilled in Pay Per Click advertising. Those with a strong understanding of PPC and how to drive traffic to your company or brand's website are in high demand with Digital Marketing recruiters. This will include knowledge of how to use PPC on many different major platforms including Twitter and Facebook Ads to run a strong PPC campaign - including knowledge on analytics and reporting. So if you have skills in PPC and can showcase evidence of this, include this in your CV and LinkedIn profile to attract Digital Marketing Recruiters. If you’re unsure of how to grow your LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters or if you’re looking to learn more about the benefits of LinkedIn why not have a read of our blog post titled: The Importance of LinkedIn in 2021.


Don't underestimate the value of social media skills!

Don't underestimate the value of social media skills!


CMS Experience


A basic understanding of Content Management Systems can go a long way when it comes to attracting Digital Marketing Recruiters. Often, companies and hiring agents will not expect you to be highly skilled and have an in-depth and detailed understanding of Content Management Systems but having some knowledge can go a long way in the recruitment stages as this is highly valuable in the eyes of the digital marketing industry. CMS aids companies when managing and editing online content. If you’re looking to build your skills, knowledge of Content Management Systems such as WordPress would be a great place to start. 


Search Engine Optimisation and Analytics


A key skill Digital Marketing Recruiters are on the hunt for is a strong understanding of SEO’s. Skills in Search Engine Optimisation can go a long way, SEO’s includes the multitude of ways you can ensure company growth on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most companies are fighting for the top spot on the Google results page when clients search ‘Digital Marketing’ so if you’re skilled and have a strong understanding of how to improve this ranking: you’re an asset to most companies. That’s not to say that you’ll only be hired if you’re highly skilled in SEO, even basic knowledge is highly valuable. This highlights your abilities to market through search engines and direct traffic to your company's website.


Alongside this, skills in analytics are highly sought after. The ability to sift through masses of company data and analyse this information to improve your companies growth and performance is an incredible skill and something you should highlight to Digital Marketing recruiters. This knowledge is often the starting point for creating client and customer centric campaigns by analysing their needs and interests i.e. what has worked for driving traffic in the past and what hasn’t. Analytics skills proves to clients that you understand their wants and needs and henceforth builds traffic to your site. So if you feel like you have skills in analytics or can demonstrate these skills definitely display them for Digital Marketing recruiters to see!


Showcase all of your abilities!

Showcase all of your abilities!


Email Marketing


Skills in Email Marketing are a selling point to many Digital Marketing recruiters and hiring agencies. The ability to maintain strong connections with audiences across many platforms is key in Digital Marketing and Email Marketing is an essential part of this. The ability to use email marketing effectively can be demonstrated across a multitude of stages from strategy planning, to campaign strategies, to copy writing, to graphics and reporting. If you can showcase these skills to a Digital Marketing recruiter or in your next Digital Marketing recruiter you are illustrating that you have the innovative skills to work alongside customers and clients expectations to create a strong relationship with customers and drive traffic to your companies website. 



We hope this helps those planning on growing and developing their Digital Marketing skills and build their portfolio. If you’re looking to develop your Digital Marketing skills and knowledge further, why not checkout the Top 8 Digital Marketing Podcasts to learn more!