7 reasons for Companies to use Recruitment Agencies

7 reasons for Companies to use Recruitment Agencies

Just like Brad Pitt in the film Se7en (maybe not the looks), recruiters will do a lot of time-consuming investigation to nail the right candidate for you. Work that you may not have the time for. And no, you won’t end up with a serial killer just a darned good employee. Hopefully.

So, by using a good, well reviewed recruiter, you should:

1. Get access to a broader, ready-screened and interviewed field of appropriately skilled and experienced candidates. recruitment agencies have a large portfolio of candidates, often built over many years. There are ‘passive candidates’ - employed professionals in touch who may not be actively job-seeking but have itchy feet, want promotion or a change. Recruiters will know about them and can let them know about your vacancy. Head hunting: in the same way you may seek out a contract, a recruiter can actively and discreetly seek out and contact suitable professionals for you.

2. Have your vacancy posted on the National online boards ASAP - agents have the editorial and technical expertise to write the most attractive ads. They also have  immediate access to the main job sites. Sometimes, employers forget the temporal and financial costs incurred from advertising and possibly re-advertising vacancies. Get the process done professionally to avoid wasting time.

3. Save hassle and time: it takes a lot of patience complete the full employment process. An experienced agent knows how to spot any anomalies or warning signs in CVS and interviews. Their job is to ask the right, probing, questions on your behalf– they do it every day. Then communicate interview details, especially if you don’t have an HR department. Even if you do, the truth is: they probably have too much to do anyway with other legal, admin, finance and welfare issues.

4. Feedback – the right candidate: so, you’ve spent hours of days interviewing, writing notes and coming to a decision. Now, not only must make an offer to the right candidate but, negotiate salary offers, counter-offers and detailed contracts too.

5. Feedback – the wrong candidates: ‘OMG, I would never use them, they were awful, couldn’t even be bothered to give me decent feedback’. Seriously, it’s what we hear from unsuccessful interviewees. Word of mouth goes a long way and given the time we know you would have spoken to each one personally but, honestly - when? Let the agent do all of that for you. They can do it sensitively and concisely, thus representing you as the decent, if time-pushed, company you are.

6. A pet talk – if you want, an agent can discreetly brief your new employee about how to fit into your company culture and represent your brand; the dos and don’ts of your workplace; tight trouser- Friday – a nono? Depersonalising this bit can allow you to get off to the right start with your new team member and make them feel happier on their first day.

7. Market Knowledge: having current insight into the latest industry developments, skills shortages and salaries is what specialist recruiters are good at and is what enables them to guide you carefully thought a recruitment process. A good agency will be on your side and support you, even if things get tricky. And some will offer you a rebate period if the placement hasn’t worked out.

And finally - when selecting your agent, be aware of the following: do they have TIME for you? You’re paying their bills and need to talk when you need to talk. Do they pressurise you too much – for answers or vacancies, being desperate is not a good sign? Same goes if they send you too many random CVs – something is not right. And finally -do they actually care about your business? A great agent will request a visit, company tour and time spent getting to know you at the start. This means they do.

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