3 Ways To Invest In Employees’ Wellbeing To Boost Your Company’s Growth

3 Ways To Invest In Employees’ Wellbeing To Boost Your Company’s Growth

Going to work is not always pleasant, especially if there is a huge amount of work involved and too little time to get it done.

Technology has made employees dependant on their smartphones and desktop computers. Moreover, the majority of the time spent in an office is done in front of a computer screen. This can cause tension headaches, stress, body aches and much more.

If you add poor nutrition, low-quality sleep and small periods of downtime, you’ll get poorly motivated workers and low productivity.

Therefore, it is wise to consider investing in wellness work programs that can boost your employees’ physical and mental health. Remember that employees are not just little cogs in a machine, but real people with needs, wants feelings and ideas. If they’re not treated well and given the support they need they might skip work or even quit. This will, in turn, affect the company’s bottom line.

In a study done on the ROI of employee wellness programs, Harvard researchers found that for every dollar spent on wellness, medical costs of employees fall with $3.27 and absenteeism at $2.73.

The researchers concluded that wellness programs at work decrease employee absenteeism, the cost of sick pay and the length of time the employees are away from work. On the other hand, these programs increase work engagement, workplace productivity, motivation and betters the relationships between work colleagues and the customer service.

Here are three ways to invest in the wellbeing of your employees and prevent workplace stress and burnout.

1.Provide free health care

An employee’s most valuable possession is their health.

Without their health, they can’t properly participate in their personal life or at work. If your employees prioritize their health, why shouldn’t your company do the same thing?

A study by Milbank Q. (2003) showed that employers who offer health insurance experience growth in work productivity and low employee turnover. This, in turn, leads to an increase in ROI and a better company culture.

It is known the fact that valuable employees seek out jobs that offer health insurance. The health insurance plan can keep an employee satisfied at work and engaged with the  company’s organization long term. Whereas, companies that don’t offer free healthcare experience a higher work dissatisfaction and absenteeism.

2. Organize a fun ‘out-of-office’ day

Employees need a fun time out once in a while even at their workplace. And by providing them with a fun ‘out of office’ day where they can do anything else besides work, they’ll feel  better about themselves. They’ll also associate your company with a reliable, trustworthy, and caring company that looks after its people.

In the words of Arnold J. Toynbee, man’s greatest accomplishment is when he blurs the line between work and play. Life is not only about work, isn’t it?

3. Mental health matters

Show your employees that you are interested in their mental health by offering support during stressful times or recommending them mental health recovery programs.

Mental health issues are real problems that one shouldn’t just sweep under the carpet. In 2014, Mental Health Foundation discovered that 19.7 % of the UK’s population lives with either depression or anxiety. Mental illness can seriously interfere with your employees’ work that’s why it should be dealt with properly.

If your employees don’t get adequate help for their mental health issues, they can have problems fulfilling their work duties or stop showing up for work.

Showing that you care not only about your employees’ results but also about their health and wellbeing can lead to warmer work relationships. This, in turn, will make your company a better and more productive place to be.

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